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Gourmet Membership Card Begins Sale

New Gourmet Membership Card Released

Gift fordeposit, point exchange

Products for exclusive member available

The gourmet feast is waiting for you!

Gourmet deposit card:

If deposit 1,000 yuan,you get 100 yuan with 1,000 points

If deposit 3,000 yuan, you get 300 yuan with 3,000 points

If deposit 6,000 yuan, you get 720 yuan with 5,000 points

If deposit 10,000 yuan, you get 1,500 yuan with 10,000 points


1. Gourmet deposit card can be used in mainland cafe, Chunshenge and Bandi Brewery.

2. Gourmet deposit card is a WeChat electronic card, and the deposit and points are permanently valid.

3. Gift points can be exchanged for the same-amount products in points store.

4. Follow the officialaccount ”Beijing Shenzhen Building”to enter the member center to check the consumption record and balance at any time.


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