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The New Seafood Buffet at Continent Cafe

Various kinds of seafood and Japanese-style cold dishes
More on-site cooking 
Continent Café’s seafood buffet has been comprehensively upgraded 
The assembly of Chinese and Western classical food, local features and seafood 
Will allow you to swim in the ocean of delicate food

Warm Prompt:

1. As there are many guests attending conferences, please call the restaurant (ext.68) in advance to reserve a seat so as to avoid the peak hours. 

2. Promotion on our WeChat official website: You only need to spend 135/person (the original price is 158/person) on this product . if you purchase through online ordering on our WeChat official website. This coupon is applicable to: dinners from Monday to Friday, and lunches/dinners on Saturday and Sunday. Activity time:  de dato-2021/8/31

(The cafeteria will be closed in the spring holiday of 2021)